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CrescentOne’s success stems from the experience, leadership and vision of its executive management team

Alexander M. Swoboda

Alexander is the CEO of CrescentOne. When he joined the company in 2022, he brought more than twenty years of experience in various management positions in the international financial and strategy sector. Prior to joining CrescentOne, he held positions at Siemens AG and McKinsey & Company and was an Associate Partner of an Austrian venture capital fund. His first CEO role began in 2009 when he joined FACTON, the Enterprise Product Costing company. Alexander currently serves on a board and has a long history in assorted board positions for various high-tech start-ups. He is valued for his expertise on trends in product costing and mobility and is a regular speaker at conferences in Europe and the US.

Anil Sharma
Executive Vice President, Head of Product and Global Customer Support

Anil Sharma is the Executive Vice President of CrescentOne. He oversees Product, Research and Development, and is responsible for developing and maintaining technology strategies to keep CrescentOne at the forefront of an evolving software industry. As part of the senior executive team, Anil has led multiple global teams in the last 30 plus years to grow the product and company, starting from its incubation phase when CrescentOne was still part of Xerox to the company’s current state. Anil oversees day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business and is also responsible for the business operations in ASIA Pacific and the Latin America regions. Anil is a strong advocate of customer success and a key speaker at user events across regions.

Edward W. Szukalo
Vice President, Professional Services and Sales  

Edward joined CrescentOne in 2023 as our Vice President of Professional Services and Sales. He brings over 30 years of manufacturing and ERP software experience — including roles with IndustriOS Software, another Constellation software business unit. In his tenure at IndustriOS, he held various positions including Director of Advisory Services and General Manager, where he led multiple projects and teams. Prior to that, he spearheaded manufacturing operations focused on the procurement and production of high-precision components, tooling, and fabrications for the aerospace and power generation industries. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Edward is a lifelong student of business processes and continuous improvement techniques — and applies these skills to ensure the ongoing success of CrescentOne customers.

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