CrescentOne Announces Its Latest Release (CrescentOne C1v1.0.0) to Improve User Productivity and Connectivity

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. – November 15, 2023

Imagine a connected, digitized, world where your ERP backbone works seamlessly with your personally selected suite of connected software solutions to create a single homogenous and extremely productive business solution.

Imagine a world where your connected solution extends beyond your 4 walls to create a real-time understanding of the Supply Chain and its ability to flex to meet new opportunities. Being able to immediately assess and provide customers with reliable and accurate delivery predictions can significantly enhance customer relationships and shift the paradigm from ‘just another supplier’ with a shrinking or stagnant market share to a growing trusted partner.

That’s the value proposition that CrescentOne’s industry-leading discrete manufacturing ERP solution brings to the table.
CrescentOne V1.0.0 merges 50+ years of ERP solution know-how with modern technologies to bring you a cohesive, connected, digitized, solution.

•  The Connectivity Framework enables you to bring your chosen discrete software solutions together – moving away from independent isolated solutions to a cohesive system with a single real-time source of the truth.

•  Out of the box Open Connectors provide off-the-shelf immediate and real-time connectivity to industry-leading specialist solutions. Certified Avalara integration provides an automated Tax compliance solution where Open Connectors:

— Verify the addresses in CrescentOne.

— Billing Tax amounts are calculated in Avatax and updated back to CrescentOne.

• Ready-to-go electronic document generation and content management capabilities facilitate the creation of both commercial and internal documents that can be automatically printed, emailed, and stored in a secure, organized, indexed Microsoft O365 SharePoint site.

• Embedded OCR technologies can be leveraged to extract and digitize information from document content to both automatically update the ERP data and to store an instantly referenceable copy of the document in Microsoft O365 SharePoint.

• A no code solution provides the ability to store, retrieve and view the relevant content in Microsoft O365 SharePoint from practically any CrescentOne ERP screen based on the dynamic information displayed in the ERP screen.

• New cross unit capable to promise (CTP) capabilities facilitate an immediate response to new business opportunities in a complex multi-level, multi-company, multi-location supply chain. Delivery promises can be accurately determined in seconds. The current production plan and the projected machine, resource, and material availability at transport times for each of the multiple levels of the Supply chain are all considered when determining when the additional product fulfillment will be possible.

• We continue to enhance the user experience to maximize both visibility and user productivity. This allows the users to increase their time adding value by reducing time spent at a computer.

In the digital age, tools that enable system-wide collaboration among manufacturers, suppliers and customers are hallmark of Industry 4.0 and very necessary to achieve a competitive advantage.

This new release continues our ongoing vision of giving manufacturers the tools they need to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Automated connected solutions reduce cost, improve productivity, and create higher levels of information accuracy that significantly improve your ability to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Contact CrescentOne today to learn more about the critical role CrescentOne V1 plays in the realization of manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 goals.

About Constellation Software Inc.

CrescentOne is part of the Constellation Software Inc. family, (“CSI”) which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX:CSU]. CSI acquire, manage, and build software companies in a variety of vertical markets.

• 1,000+ Offices Globally – Headquarters in Toronto

• $ 4.5 billion in revenue

• 19,000 Employees

• 100+ markets worldwide

• 125K customers in 100+ countries

About CrescentOne

Founded in 1970 as Xerox Computer Services, CrescentOne became a part of the Constellation Software Inc. family in 2021. Its manufacturing ERP software was first launched in 1990 as Xerox ChESS, later became then GLOVIA G2 and is now released as CrescentOne. CrescentOne is one of the few manufacturing ERP providers offering solutions in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), China and Japan.

CrescentOne’ s extended ERP solution helps manufacturers in over 1,000 sites manage their global businesses effectively, by supporting multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple complex business structures. CrescentOne fits the needs of engineer-to-order, make-to-order, high volume, automotive, and mixed-mode manufacturing.

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