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Financial Integration Management

Integration of financial information is critical to the successful management of your manufacturing business. GLOVIA G2’s Financial Integration Management (FIM) ERP software module acts as the hub for coordination and control of all financial interfaces between GLOVIA G2 applications and the general ledger, be it the GLOVIA G2 General Ledger or some other corporate standard ledger.

Professionally Managed Financials

FIM accounting management software provides immediate access to all financial data from other applications that have a potential impact on the general ledger, and thus not only increases visibility but provides the perfect tool for managing all your company’s financials.

Simulation Capability

A simulation capability lets you see the effects of posting to the general ledger prior to the actual update. This gives management the ability to respond quickly and decisively to all key financial measurements including revenue, cost of sales, inventory investment, variances, profit and loss.

CFO Management Tool

The FIM accounting management software provides the Chief Financial Officer or Controller with the flexibility to choose the type of financial information to be posted and the frequency with which to run the posting procedure. Management has the ultimate control over the timing and manner in which the general ledger gets updated.

Automatic Journal Entry Generation

The system supports financial postings for all GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software applications that have an impact on the general ledger. With the FIM ERP software module, you can automatically create journal entries for posting to the general ledger. Journal entries, based on the FIM posting tables and the financial integration files from each application, are available for review or adjustment before the final posting to the general ledger.

Full Audit Trail

A complete set of FIM reports that list the posting tables and journal entries provides the capability for continuous verification, monitoring and auditing.

Exception reports and inquiries isolate problem areas for immediate attention. The reports allow for a full, detailed review of all general ledger postings all the way back to subsidiary ledgers in the source application.

Other features of GLOVIA G2’s Financial Integration Management ERP software module:

Posting Options

  • Simulation capability
  • Summarization by document, date, or processing update
  • Journal entry number and reference
  • Clearing accounts
  • Accounts payable: invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and disbursements
  • Accounts receivable and billing: invoices, adjustments, cash receipts, cash and credit applications
  • Material movement and manufacturing: costing, inventory, manufacturing orders, purchase orders and sales orders
  • Fixed assets
  • Project accounting

Journal Entry Creation

  • Automatic creation of journal entries for general ledger
  • Processes transaction detail from financial interface files
  • User-defined processing frequency
  • User-selected financial data
  • Journal entry details based on posting options and controls
  • Interim un-posted status until processes by general ledger
  • FIM source code on journal entries
  • Out of balance protection
  • Audit trail and exceptions register

Posting Controls

  • By operating unit level
  • Accounting group codes for posting category
  • General ledger accounts
  • Cost centers
  • Banks and bank accounts
  • Standard cost variances
  • Exchange cost variances
  • Sales accounts
  • Accounts receivable with discounts, write-offs, and service charges
  • Tax accounts with sales, excise, use, and Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  • Accounts payable with vendor discounts, freight and tax
  • Inventory postings at elemental cost level
  • Supports inter-company transfers

Inquiries and Reports

  • Accounts payable posting audit
  • Accounts receivable posting audit
  • Billing posting audit
  • Material posting audit
  • Manufacturing posting audit
  • FIM-created journal entry lines
  • Journal entry line detail
  • FIM run exceptions
  • Customer posting table
  • Vendor posting table
  • Tax posting table
  • Bank posting table
  • VAT posting table
  • Item posting table
  • Cost center posting table
  • Additional charges posting table
  • Invoices posting table
  • Credit/debit memos posting table
  • Inter-company transfers posting table

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