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Many supply chains do not perform as expected because manufacturers and their suppliers are disconnected. Changes in demand are slow to filter down from manufacturers and changes in supply are slow to percolate up from suppliers. Manufacturers can be forced to expedite supply orders and carry excess inventory, while suppliers struggle constantly to adjust production to changing demands from the manufacturers. Both manufacturers and their suppliers need a tool that helps them increase visibility, extend collaboration and improve materials management.

GLOVIA G2 Supplier Portal is a real-time, hosted MRP solution that enables manufacturers to meet customer demand and reduce costs by enhancing collaborations, visibility and communication with suppliers. The solution provides a synchronized, real-time view of order and material management activities, thus ensuring that the entire supply chain is working with the most current information.

Collaboration, Visibility, and Communication

The GLOVIA G2 Supplier Portal MRP solution enables manufacturers to improve communication and collaboration with suppliers by providing several capabilities:

Status Overview

In the portal, a performance dashboard indicates the status of critical activities, allows users to drill down into details, and determines the proper action needed. The status overview provides information on open orders, overdue shipments, upcoming shipments, order changes requiring acknowledgement, and re‐order point requirements.

Supplier Message Boards

Supplier Portal enables manufacturers to create and publish messages to their suppliers. The messages can be automatically emailed and are seen each time a user logs on to the system. Recipients can be targeted with user definable attributes such as all suppliers, individual suppliers, specific types of suppliers and more.


The MRP portal ensures that suppliers have read messages and establishes alert dates, which are dates by which a supplier must acknowledge or respond to messages.


The hosted GLOVIA G2 Supplier Portal MRP solution provides inquiry capabilities to enhance visibility within the following areas: purchase and contract orders, material receipts, items, returns to vendor and payment information.

Collaborative Order Management

Supplier Portal enables manufacturers to collaborate with suppliers and ensure they receive materials needed to fulfill customer demand. The portal is populated with information from a manufacturer’s production plans, which provides suppliers with visibility into required items and dates.

Features of the GLOVIA G2 Supplier Portal hosted MRP solution include:

Capabilities for Manufacturers

View order confirmations, view latest status of any shipment, add and view notes

Capabilities for Suppliers

Search for shipments, accept or cancel orders, order cancel notices, confirm order for delivery to manufacturer, split deliveries, create pack slips, confirm ship, update and maintain user profiles, add and view notes.

Satisfy Demand More Effectively

The Supplier Portal hosted MRP solution enables suppliers to split deliveries when they cannot completely fulfill an order by the required date. Suppliers can split the order to satisfy demand by delivering a partial order immediately and then providing the balance at a later date. Manufacturers instantly see this and are able to incorporate it into production plans.

Streamline Shipping and Material Receipts

Manufacturers can control supplier shipments and material receipts more effectively with centrally managed pack slips. The solution allows suppliers to create pack slips using GLOVIA G2 Transform Foundation Server and upload them into the portal. Suppliers then access, download and print the pack slips.

To confirm an order line item has shipped, suppliers update the portal with actual shipment date, expected arrival date, carrier and Bill of Lading number. Manufacturers can also use the portal to execute spot buys for critical orders.

The GLOVIA G2 Supplier Portal MRP system helps manufacturers and their suppliers streamline shipping and materials receipts in a number of ways:

  • Eliminate discrepancies between ordered and received items
  • Prevent early shipments from suppliers
  • Reduce excess inventory levels
  • Eliminate unexpected receipts, such as late, partial and unknown shipments
  • Accelerate material receipt processes
  • Eliminate material receipt data entry errors

Materials Management

Supplier Portal also helps manage inventory levels throughout the supply chain and execute material management strategies.

Electronic Kanban Signals

The Supplier Portal MRP system provides an electronic trigger to request items from suppliers. Gives users visibility into Kanban items.

Supplier Managed Inventory

GLOVIA G2 Supplier Portal enables consigned inventory, providing suppliers with visibility into manufacturer’s contractually mandated inventory levels.


This hosted MRP solution provides security features to prevent outside parties from accessing the system. It also restricts end-user access to only authorized information and functions.

Flexible and Easy-to-Use

Supplier Portal provides manufacturers with a tool that can be used throughout the entire supply chain. The solution allows for manual information updates via a browser and supports automated system-to-system updates via XML. With continuous updated feeds from GLOVIA G2’s real-time database, manufacturers can be confident that the information they provide to suppliers is accurate and up-to-date.

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