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Service Orders

Now you can plan and monitor service products, such as engineering design, training and consulting, with the same detail and control as material items. The GLOVIA G2 Service Orders ERP module creates and maintains all necessary documentation for services and fully integrates these requirements and activities into your business information system.

Create Service Orders Easily

Create service work orders and purchase orders quickly and easily with a service management software application designed to meet the needs of services delivered with your product and for service-oriented businesses. The Service Orders ERP module provides the tools to define, plan, cost, track and deliver service products to your customers. With GLOVIA G2, you can manage internal service work orders as well as purchase orders for subcontracted services. The Service Orders software application can also initiate progress billing based on contract agreements. When integrated with projects, billing can be triggered by % complete.

Associate Services with Tasks

Both service work orders (services to be delivered by an internal resource) and service purchase orders (services outsourced to a third party) can be associated with project tasks in this service management software application. By associating services with specific project tasks, you can coordinate resource and material deliveries for efficient delivery of these services.


The service management system can calculate detailed costs for service activities and report these costs to project accounting for complete project cost visibility. Roll-ups for groups of work orders and purchase orders can be obtained by associating them with the same task.

Because service-related costs can be captured more easily, you have full visibility of these costs for specific tasks and activities. With this information, the Service Orders management software application enables you to easily validate your pricing and identify potential problems as well as opportunities for cost control.

Service Work Orders

The service work order contains a service bill of materials, which identifies all materials required, and a routing to identify all activities to be performed during delivery.

Service Purchase Orders

The service purchase order is similar to a material PO. It identifies that the service is being delivered by an outside resource.

GLOVIA G2 Integration


  • Service work order
  • Service work order by service work order bill of material
  • Service work order routing
  • Service purchase order
  • Service blanket order
  • Service requisition
  • Service work order status


  • Service purchase order status
  • Service work order detail
  • Service purchase order detail
  • Service work order costs (summary and detail)
  • Service purchase order cost

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