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Accounts Receivable

For optimal customer service and cash flow management, you need instant visibility. Through a series of comprehensive customer and invoice inquiry capabilities, as well as audit reporting functions, GLOVIA G2 Accounts Receivable provides this critical visibility while giving you the manufacturing ERP accounting software tools you need to optimize cash and credit management for both local and international trade.

Maximize Return on Assets

GLOVIA G2’s Accounts Receivable ERP software module helps maximize your return on assets by providing a focused collection system to keep cash outstanding to a minimum – while supplying the credit controls necessary to avoid bad debt losses.

Improve Cash Management

By automatically calculating and highlighting all due amounts and net due dates, the Accounts Receivable manufacturing ERP software solution can help you improve cash management and collection functions. This ERP solution also provides a number of reports designed to analyze cash flow, focus collection activity and enhance management.

Flexible Cash Applications

With Accounts Receivable software module, you can apply cash by invoice number, customer number, or location code. The solution lets you choose the cash application method that bests suits your needs.

On-Screen Credit Control

GLOVIA G2’s Accounts Receivable manufacturing ERP software module gives you on-screen visibility into a customer’s activities balance, credit history, and credit status to reduce bad debt write-offs and minimize days sales outstanding. Other on-screen functions allow you to streamline cash receipts, apply cash and credit amounts, and perform bank reconciliations.

Customer Information Management

The customer file is the central repository of local and international customer information. In addition to providing name and address data, the solution establishes processing policies for customer bill-to locations and provides text and notepad functions for recording unique customer information. The system also maintains complete and comprehensive customer histories.

Multinational Capabilities

With GLOVIA G2’s Accounts Receivable manufacturing ERP software module, you can use local and international customer information to control payment discounting, billing, tax, credit and statement processing. Based on changes in currency rates, you can revalue receivables and post variances. A comprehensive conversion facility provides the means for calculating foreign currencies, value-added taxes, and exchange rate variances.

Additional features of GLOVIA G2’s Accounts Receivable manufacturing ERP software module include:

Accounts Receivable Documents

  • Support for invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and notes receivable
  • Maintain information created by GLOVIA G2 Billing
  • Create accounts receivable document information
  • General ledger account distribution
  • Currencies with exchange rates
  • Currency rate freeze
  • Revalue documents for currency exchange rate changes with variances

Interactive Cash Receipts

  • Unapplied cash or cash directly applied to document
  • Miscellaneous cash receipt
  • Multiple currencies
  • Reversal of non-sufficient funds checks
  • Apply cash receipts by invoice number, customer number or location code
  • Suspend entry transactions to allow verification
  • Direct Debit processing

Unapplied Cash and Credit

  • Cash application and credits to selected document(s)
  • Adjustments for payment term discounts
  • Ability to write-off charges with reason-code audit notation

AR / AP Contra

  • Ability to link vendor and customer account(s)
  • Offset individual transactions
  • Process net balance
  • Contra audit trail

Statements Generation

  • Cycle billing
  • By range of customers
  • Limit by credit balance or minimum balance
  • Consolidate by paying location

Fiscal Calendar Period Rolls

  • Billing control dates and secured periods
  • Cash receipts, control dates, and secured periods
  • Roll year-to-date sales and payments to history

Customer Information

  • International addressing by customer location
  • Customer text and notepad
  • Cycle code for statements, billing, and sorting
  • Paying location for consolidating statements
  • Customer remit-to location
  • Sales, excise, use, VAT, and JCT
  • Credit limit and status at enterprise, customer, or location level
  • Flexible statement processing
  • Optional service charges
  • Balance forward or open item accounting

Inquiries and Reports

  • Individual Account with Search
  • Individual Document with Search
  • Cash Receipts Registers
  • Aged Receivables
  • Weighted Average Aging
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Open Credits and Open Discounts
  • Customer Information
  • Customer Labels for Mailings
  • Period Financial Impact
  • Value-Added Tax History
  • Odometers and Policies

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