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Ad-hoc Analysis ERP Module

GLOVIA G2 Ad-hoc Analysis module maximizes user-productivity, provides accurate realtime
data visibility, and drive a very positive action-orientated, ‘push’ mentality within your organization.

Ad-hoc Analysis Capabilities

Ad-hoc grids provide you with the analysis tools that you need to measure and pro-actively drive businesses activity.

Each highly configurable graph/grid measures and identifies the specific actions and issues that are impacting your business. For each outstanding action/issue identified – a single click takes the user to the relevant inquiry, analysis and transactional capabilities they will use for further analysis, activity completion and issue resolution. This maximizes user productivity by minimizing the keyboard strokes and effort required to get the job done.

Because the information is displayed real-time, any outstanding activities (including those that have been actioned but not yet updated) will continue to remain visible to users, supervisors and managers alike until they are appropriately actioned.

Each spreadsheet-like grid or graph created can leverage any information in any GLOVIA G2 standard or custom table or view.

Each spreadsheet-like grid and graph created is highly configurable and can be personalized in many, many ways by each individual user. Multiple, different, personalization’s can be created and saved by each user so that they can be recalled as needed.

Some of the key capabilities are:
• Information can be ‘sliced and diced’. A high level of information    in a grid or graph can be drilled down from to a lower level of information – For example where there is an area of concern.
• Information can be exported to Excel,
• Records can be grouped, sorted and filtered
• Sub-totals, Averages, Minimum and Maximums can be identified.

Context menu’s can be created that will parse the dynamic values of the selected record and link to:
• Standard or custom GLOVIA G2 functions,
• Quick functions,
• Other Ad-hoc grids or graphs,
• Email/messaging
• Any webpage or application that can be called via a URL

When using the context menu’s to call functions, URL’s, grids or emails/messages transactional data is automatically populated based on the record selected. This maximizes user productivity and means that many transactions can be conducted quickly by either clicking a mouse or using a touch screen tablet device with minimum data entry.

When used with Insights or Business Metrics, the drive and push mentality in your organization is further boosted through Insights, Counts, and, Charts which make the important ‘traffic light’ metrics constantly visible in the users, supervisors and managers homepage.


Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Ad-hoc Analysis ERP Module at your company.


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