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Installation Management

For profitable businesses, active product management does not stop at the four walls of the plant; it follows through to successful customer installation and maintenance. The GLOVIA G2 Installation Management ERP module helps you plan and execute successful product installations by managing the coordination and delivery of materials, services, subcontractors and other resources. To further enhance this capability, Installation Management materials and services can be linked to projects enabling project planning, tracking and costing from initial demand through maintenance at the customer site.

Enhanced Implementation Logistics

Now you can easily manage the logistics of any installation. Through the powerful installation order application, the GLOVIA G2 Installation Management ERP module integrates the delivery of service items with the shipment of materials and captures costs associated with the installation. To ensure that your plans are accurate and achievable, Installation Management integrates the requirements of your installation with those of your entire production and capacity planning system. Upon completion of the installation order, you have a record of the product as installed at the customer site: the Customer Site Register.

Coordinating and Tracking Installation Activity

The GLOVIA G2 Installation Management ERP module coordinates all requirements for a successful installation including material items, service items and resources, and it provides the same level of control as production work orders. The system enables you to define an installation site and all pertinent installation activities to ensure consistency throughout the entire job.

Bills of Material (BOM) and routings can be created for an installation order. Required materials and services are planned by GLOVIA G2 Project Resource Planning. To ensure realistic plans, GLOVIA G2 Capacity Planning identifies resources and capacity requirements. Installation orders are fully integrated with contract management to initiate progress billings automatically.

The ERP system tracks all costs associated with the installation and gives you immediate visibility of current status, which enables an effective response to problems. Cost visibility also provides a reliable guide for planning future installations, which helps to increase the profitability of your business.

Integrated Applications

GLOVIA G2 maintains an installation site register that tracks the customer’s product configuration and provides an accurate record for future maintenance and upgrades. Site analysis reports are available at any time for comparison of planned and actual installations. For ongoing service and support, installations are automatically recognized by the GLOVIA G2 service applications.

Site Register

Installation Order

  • Can be linked to a contract material line for ease of coordinated planning and progress billing
  • Supports unlimited number of line items and can associate each line with a routing, BOM, and site
  • Includes both material items to be installed and service item BOMs, which represent items consumed in delivering the service
  • Activities and tasks related to an installation can be planned and scheduled through GLOVIA G2 Project Resource Planning (PRP)
  • Initiates billing when linked to Progress Billing

Installation Order Tracking and Costing

  • Tracks material issued, shipped, in-transit, consumed, scrapped, and returned
  • Tracks value-added activities such as labor, subcontractors, variances, etc.

Inquiries & Reports Inquiries

  • Installation order
  • Bill of material
  • Routing
  • Material list
  • Delivery list
  • History
  • Component pick list
  • Return material
  • Cost roll-up
  • Site register


  • Order status summary
  • Summary costs
  • Detail costs
  • Material list
  • Delivery list
  • Bill of material
  • Routing
  • Component pick list
  • Period component issue
  • Period component scrap
  • Period labor entry
  • Period machine entry
  • Period outside processing
  • Labor efficiency
  • Machine efficiency
  • Cost rollup
  • Period cost adjustments
  • Closed IO variance
  • Site register

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