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Barcode Scanning

The GLOVIA G2 Barcode Scanning application provides GLOVIA G2 customers with barcode/QR code based transactions that provide real-time updates to their GLOVIA G2 ERP solution.

Maximize productivity and obtain accurate, real-time information with minimal scans

The deployment of barcode scanning transactions can significantly increase productivity, maximize data accuracy, and cut inventory handling costs.

This is especially true when the deployment uses QR codes or barcodes that contain multiple pieces of information. Out of the box – The GLOVIA G2 Barcode Scanning application provides the ability to read multiple pieces of information from a single scan of a single barcode/QR Code and to then validate and populate that into multiple fields in the transaction.

Suddenly, instead of needing to perform 6, 7 or more different scans – The user can conduct the transactions in 1, 2 or 3 scans and transactions can be performed in a fraction of the time.

Customer Specific and Hybrid Touchscreen / Scanning based transactions

Customers often need to conduct high volumes of transactions through scanning devices and there is often significant value in making the transactions as efficient as possible. Hence it often makes sense to create mobile and barcode scanning transactions that are very personal and very specific to the way a customer works.

CrescentOne offers custom mobile and scanning transaction development services. Using our mobile development tool-kit we provide custom mobile solutions for use on phone, tablet and/or barcode scanning devices. Solutions can be based on list driven touchscreen navigation, based purely on barcode/QR scanning, or, a hybrid of both.

Functional Security

GLOVIA G2 standard role and transaction based security is used to determine the functional capabilities that each specific user can access.

Transactions Supported

35+ transactions in the Inventory, Work Order, Repetitive Schedule, Sales Order, Customer Releasing, Purchase Order and Transfer Order modules are available.

  • Goods received against Purchase Orders, Contract Orders and Blanket Orders
  • Goods received against Supplier Releases
  • Location to location transfer
  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Labor time entry to a work order
  • Repetitive Schedule Labor Entry
  • Machine Time Entry to a work order
  • Clock In/Out
  • Work Order Clock On/Off
  • Physical inventory count entry
  • Cycle count entry
  • Shipping pack confirm for a customer release
  • Work order completions
  • Repetitive Schedule completions
  • Validate Sales Order Pick list
  • Sales Order Pick Confirm
  • Pack and ship confirm for a sales order
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Work order issue by pick list
  • Repetitive Schedule pull-ticket issue
  • Assembly scrap
  • Component scrap
  • Operation scrap
  • Material scrap
  • Move to inventory inspection
  • Inspection results
  • Transfer order receipt
  • Batch commit and ship transfer orders
  • Direct material issue
  • Repetitive Schedule Direct Material issue
  • Direct tool issue
  • Tool return
  • Receive customer returns
  • Master location to master location transfer
  • Supplier Returns
  • Change Password

Architecture and Connectivity

Unfortunately the End of Life date has already passed for many of the platforms used by barcode scanning devices (i.e. Windows CE, Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile). This means that you really don’t have much choice but to switch your business critical barcode based transactions to a new platform and new devices.

The GLOVIA G2 Barcode Scanning solution is a .NET mobile solution that is available for use on Apple, Android and Windows devices by downloading the app from the relevant App Store.

For testing purposes and very infrequent use – Android and Apple mobile phones offer a solution that utilizes the camera to scan the barcode/QR Code. Where use is anything more than infrequent and in environments where rugged devices are needed – industrial strength laser scanning devices (typically Android) are recommended.

The solution can be deployed over secure local networks or globally via the internet as a secure https:// connection. The same languages, cultures and database platforms supported by GLOVIA G2 are supported in the barcode scanning solution.

Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Barcode Scanning ERP module at your company.


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