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Your supply chain does not stop at your delivery docks and neither should your material resource planning (MRP) or ERP system. To synchronize supply with demand, you must pass forecast and order information on to your suppliers, strengthen and automate business processes, and coordinate the complex flow of materials from suppliers to your facilities

Business benefits of GLOVIA G2’s Supplier Management include:

  • Reduced inventory levels and costs
  • Lowered procurement costs through aggregated purchases and negotiated contracts
  • Automated procurement processes
  • Improved responsiveness by compressing lead times

The GLOVIA G2 Supplier Management MRP software module helps manufacturers to manage suppliers, control inventory levels, and improve supplier relationships. The MRP solution supports the entire procurement process, including developing and executing supplier contracts, managing purchase orders, coordinating supplier shipments, and executing outsourcing strategies. GLOVIA G2 Supplier Management provides you with visibility and control over the financial impact of your purchasing decisions and supports a wide range of procurement strategies including centralized/decentralized and global supplier networks.

The GLOVIA G2 Supplier Management MRP software module helps control inventory levels and match supply with demand, by negotiating contracts with committed pricing and flexible delivery schedules. The solution balances purchases across multiple suppliers and tracks order status and supplier progress against contracts.

The supplier management software solution also allows you to analyze supplier performance for cost, quality, and on-time delivery so you can continually improve your performance. In addition, GLOVIA G2 supports your outsourced manufacturing initiatives, which enables you to control supplier inventory, including consigned inventory, as if they were located in your own facilities.

Many supply chains do not perform as expected because manufacturers and their suppliers are disconnected. Changes in demand are slow to filter down from manufacturers and changes in supply are slow to percolate up from suppliers.

The result is a supply chain disaster: manufacturers are forced to expedite supply orders and carry excess inventory to meet promised delivery dates; suppliers constantly struggle to adjust their production to hit manufacturer’s changing demand.

The CrescentOne Supplier Portal is a real-time, browser-based solution that enables manufacturers to meet customer demand more effectively and reduce costs by improving the level of collaboration, information visibility, and communication with suppliers. The portal provides manufacturers and suppliers with a unified, up-to-the-second view of critical order and material management activities to ensure their entire extended supply chain is working off of the very best possible information.

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