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Cash Management

GLOVIA G2’s Cash Management accounting software module offers extensive tools for manufacturing companies to manage multiple bank accounts efficiently, including electronic fund transfer and bank reconciliation. The manufacturing ERP software module distinguishes itself through its powerful Cash Forecasting engine, which enables the user to analyze cash inflows and outflows for any time period and currency by applying selected forecasting methods. The Cash Management accounting management module is a focused hub in the GLOVIA G2 ERP software suite, providing a comprehensive view of cash-related transactions throughout the system.

Electronic Interaction

GLOVIA G2’s Cash Management accounting software module enables manufacturers to reduce time spent on routine tasks while improving accuracy:

  • Pay your vendors via wire transfers
  • Collect from your customer using direct debits
  • Reconcile your accounts by uploading your bank’s cleared check file

Cash Forecasting Questions

  • How much capital do you need to raise to support your expansion?
  • Can you afford to offer extended payment terms to your most important customer?
  • If you hired two temporary collection clerks, would the improved cash inflow allow you to buy critical equipment sooner?
  • If your vendor offered you better terms, would you purchase more?
  • If everybody paid you on time and you paid everybody on time, what will your bank balances be next month?

Cash Forecasting tools in GLOVIA G2’s Cash Management accounting software module provide you with timely, accurate answers to all your cash management questions and empowers you to effectively and efficiently manage your other bottom line – your cash.

Centralized Control

The Cash Management accounting software module is fully integrated with the entire GLOVIA G2 ERP software suite of applications. Cashbook and Cash Forecasting draw against information contained in other GLOVIA G2 ERP software modules:

This enables the user to perform timely interactions and complete analyses through a rich feature set.


  • Cash entry
  • Cash payments (supporting electronic fund transfer)
  • Cash receipts (supporting direct debit)

Cash Forecasting

  • Scenario Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Forecast by business unit
  • Forecast by currency
  • Inflows: AP Credit Memo’s, AR Invoices and Debit Memo’s, Supplier Returns against Purchase Orders, Blanket Orders and Contract Purchase Orders, Material Supply Issues, Contract Management lines, Contract Agreements, Customer Releasing lines, Sales Orders, Sales Order Progress Payments and Sales Order Debit Memo’s.
  • Outflows: AP Invoices, AR Credit Memo’s, Purchase Orders, Blanket Orders, Contract Purchase Orders, Material Supply Purchase Orders, Supplier Releases and Sales Order Credit Memo’s.
  • Forecasting based on:
    • Payment History, Payment terms, or, a specified number of days
    • Current Exchange rates or book rates
  • Cash Forecasts easily organized and viewed using new cash forecasting grid.
    • Standard grid features can be used to group, sort, filter, download to Excel, etc.
    • Context menus provide immediate drill down to the detailed transactions.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Electronic or manual Matching
  • Reconcile in either Bank currency or Base currency.
    • Provides for a simpler, accurate matching/reconciliation process especially for electronic payment processing
  • “Balance per Book” provides visibility of recorded cash in both Bank and base currency.
  • Provides for Foreign Currency cash re-valuation up until the cash is cleared.

Inquiries and Reports

Comprehensive inquiries and reports exist for each function

Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Cash Management accounting software module at your company.


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