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Document Content & Output Management

Generate professional, branded PDF's that can be automatically displayed, printed, emailed and/or stored in SharePoint.

GLOVIA G2 Document Content and Output Management provides a solution for generating and storing documents like Purchase Orders, Sales Order Acknowledgments, Move Tickets, etc. as branded professional PDF's


  • Multiple forms available out of the box (see below)
  • The generated PDF can be automatically:
    • Displayed to screen
    • Sent to a printer
    • Emailed
    • Saved as content in an indexed SharePoint library
  • Different formats can be generated based on business rules. For example different shipping and invoice formats for domestic versus export.
  • PDF documents are generated from standard G2 print functions within G2 using standard G2 business logic.
  • Document generation error handling and tracking ensures you know what was generated and when, and, also when things failed and why.
  • Documents may include QR codes or barcodes.
  • Watermarks (i.e., Duplicate, Amendment, etc.) are displayed on documents based on standard G2 business logic.
  • Once the PDF is in SharePoint, capabilities like PowerAutomate and other tools can be used to create document approval and management workflows.
  • Provides for rapid implementations, requiring minimum resource and no need for specialized skills:
    • Out of the box integration to O365 and SharePoint.
    • A simple import process provides for quick implementation of custom layouts provided by CrescentOne.


Standard Documents Supported

  • Accounts Payable Check
  • Accounts Payable Remittance Advice
  • Blanket Order
  • Pull Ticket
  • Move Ticket
  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Move Ticket
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Supplier Returns
  • Sales Order Acknowledgment
  • Sales Order Pick-list
  • Sales Order Pack-list
  • Sales Order Pack Slip
  • Bill of Lading
  • Shipping Label
  • Sales Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Debit Memo
  • Customer Statement
  • Return Goods Authorization
  • Return Goods Authorization Receipt
  • Shop Packet
  • Work Order Clock On Operation Star Ticket
  • Work Order Clock Off Next Operation Ticket
  • Work Order Clock Off Completion Ticket
  • Work Order Pick-list
  • Work Order Pick-list Exceptions
  • Work Order Pull-Ticket
  • Work Order Pull-Ticket Exceptions

Download the CrescentOne datasheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Document Content & Output Management Module at your company.


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