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Machine Integration

Do you want to know what is going on in the factory? Are the details that personnel are recording not enough? Is the factory operating effectively, efficiently and economically?

Let GLOVIA G2 connect you to Industry 4.0.

Connect GLOVIA G2 to your physical factory (machines, tooling, materials, etc.).
Enable a real time pro-active solution for the automatic identification, analysis and resolution of the manufacturing challenges your business faces every day…24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Automatically capture a wide variety of information including, (but not limited to), manufacturing completions, lot/serial traceability, machine and labor times, down time, quality issues, breakdowns, tool degradation, impending machine and tool failures, bottlenecks, safety compliance issues, hazard assessment, equipment/product temperatures, energy utilization, actual cycle times, line stops, etc.

Real time Visualization and Assessment Capabilities

The highly configurable, graphical analysis and assessment capabilities provide you with the visual tools you need to create an instant awareness of impending factors that are likely to impact production and/or quality.

GLOVIA G2 ERP Connectors

Leverage all the benefits of an integrated MES and ERP solution without the effort, cost and inaccuracies created by human involvement.

GLOVIA G2 MES connectors enable a single end to end integrated solution. Data automatically collected from your machines, equipment
and tooling seamlessly flows to your ERP manufacturing, maintenance, inventory, time, cost and financial modules, providing enterprise wide, homogenous, real time visibility.

Critical ERP information updates may include, (but are not limited to) Manufacturing completions, lot/ serial traceability, machine and labor times, scrap,
cost, back-flushing, Electronic Kanban, Vendor Managed Inventory consumption, automatic supply order replenishment, material movements, shipments, equipment registration for warranty, etc.

Real-time KPI’s and Alerts on Mobile Devices

Visual KPI’s, dashboards, and, messaging on mobile devices keep employees and management informed real-time.

Alarms/Alerts and messaging advise users and management of machine breakdowns, quality issues, unexpected down-time/inactivity and when thresholds/boundaries are about to be, or already have been exceeded.

Go Beyond – Harness the Power of Data

Deeper, more accurate data increases the opportunity to learn and understand what the real issues are, and, what the signals of impending
problems may be.

Predictive and autonomous maintenance can be driven by leveraging automatically collected and analyzed data in respect of equipment/tooling
conditions and product quality.

Data collected at the micro level can lead to better visibility at the macro level. In many cases the volume of data can and help shape decisions on how to better impact customer demand, how to shift the emphasis in the supply chain, and, how
to improve production quality and the minimize the risk of production stoppages.

Examining the large volumes of data captured during production activity using Artificial Intelligence (i.e. Fujitsu Digital Annealer, AI Predictive Analytics,
etc.) and scrutinizing it based upon the variable production and supply chain conditions at the time can create a better understanding and lead to an improved balance of optimization and risk mitigation that is truly quantifiable.

Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about how GLOVIA G2’s Machine Integration can improve the visibility on your factory floor.


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