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GLOVIA G2 Version Control System (also known as a Revision Control System or Development Control Management) allows CrescentOne customers to create and manage a repository of source code of computer programs, with monitored access. Every change made to the source code can be tracked, along with who made the change, why they made it, and references to problems fixed, or enhancement introduced, by the change.

Version Control system is essential for any form of distributed, collaborative development. Whether it is the history of large software development project, the ability to track each change as it was made, and to reverse changes when necessary can make all the difference between a well managed and controlled process and an uncontrolled ‘first come, first served’ system.

The New Super Layer Version Control allows team collaboration and better project management.

  • It allows users to keep track of the changes and prevent unauthorized users from accessing
  • It allows users to check-out any specific SuperLayer object, and make changes to it without letting any other team member modify the same object at the same time.
  • It allows the user to check-in the object once satisfied with the changes. User is required to enter version notes while checking in object. Version notes explain what changes were made to an object. The notes can be viewed or printed for later review

Flexible versioning option allows administrators to determine how to control the versioning process.

  • DCM By Package:   This feature allows Programmers to check-out and check-in source code for modification in a group. A package id can be a project name or enhancement group to which these changes belong. Using this feature Objects checked-out and checked-in will then be assigned to that package. If there is a significant amount of work occurring or you would like to track and document the work being done at project level, then it is a recommended functionality to be used by project team.
  • Increase Version on Check-in: This feature allows users to modify the objects with or without incrementing the version number by giving a Package ID. For example, if user while working on a project wanted to check-in an object multiple times with same Package ID, which would not increment the version number then this feature will come handy in achieving this goal.

Project managers would benefit from this by controlling the changes being done per project (identified by package id).

Check-out by object version

This feature allows user to bring back any version of the object either by project (Package ID) or as individual objects. It also identifies the impact on the dependent objects and lets user check-out any of these dependent objects, recursively.

Object Version Comparison

  • Objects can be compared between versions and the changes made between two versions can be viewed as HRF (HTML Reader Friendly format).

Modification History

  • The version history can be printed which includes version notes, user that made the changes along with date and time changes were made.

Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Version Control at your company.


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