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You must be able to provide immediate and effective support to customers who purchase and install your products. If a product does not work or is damaged, the service and repair must be prompt and complete whether the product is under warranty, billable, or under a service contract. The GLOVIA G2 Service & Repair ERP module supports a firm’s goal to respond quickly to its customer’s service needs by controlling the service and repair cycle.

Managing the Cycle

The GLOVIA G2 Service & Repair ERP software module provides the ability to manage service contracts, launch service and repair orders, define service job requirements, receive and track damaged products, report progress proactively on the customer’s repair, and ship/bill the customer with accuracy. The types of services offered are user-defined and can include standard repair, preventative maintenance, advance swap, training, consulting and telephone support.

Customer Service Contracts

The Service & Repair ERP module allows users to create customer service contracts that specify both the financial and service agreement specifically to a customer’s need. The contract identifies material to be returned for repair or, by way of integration with the Field Service ERP module, material to be serviced at the customer site.

The service contract identifies by customer site, the items to be serviced and the terms and conditions under which repairs are performed and billed. For example, a specific response time can be stipulated, such as repair work must begin within two hours of a customer call and be completed within four hours. The service contract can also define penalties and escalation procedures.

Service & Repair Order Control

The service order defines the scope of the repair work and specifies the item(s) to be repaired by serial number identification if needed. Using specifications from the service contract, the service order proactively checks the customer’s billing and performance arrangements and then stipulates the workflow to be followed for each repair. This service order can then also generate a product repair with appropriate bill of materials and routing, collect repair costs, document notes and comments, and track repair performance data.

Integration with Installation Management

The Service & Repair ERP module provides the option to update the customer site register. The customer site register identifies material directly from the installation order. This process supports the concept of “as built” vs. “as maintained” site configuration. This dynamic functionality provides full material visibility and enables Service & Repair with the ability to maintain material at the customer site.

Flexible Billing

With flexible service order billing, organizations can specify if labor, material, or other charges are billable.The Service & Repair ERP module also supports flexible and fixed billing modes and, based on the type of service provided, minimum and maximum billing amounts can be set.

Proactive Workflow

Each service order status can trigger a number of possible tasks and thus provides the ability to tailor the repair workflow. The service and repair organization can define its own status codes and trigger actions such as “create a repair order,” “book additional labor,” “receive item from customer” or “close work order” in defining its repair cycle workflow.

Tracking and Online Historical Data

The GLOVIA G2 Service & Repair ERP module provides up-to-the-minute service and repair order tracking that enables the service organization to ascertain the status of a customer’s order. Service & Repair also reports on service orders that are either at risk of or are triggering penalties because of past due conditions.

The Service & Repair application provides an online history of records and archives. Also, all contract and service repair activities – including costs, billing, completions, material and labor – are maintained in history.

Service Contract Features

  • Defines what items will be serviced and for whom
  • Specifies the type of service to be provided by way of a user definable type table
  • Defines contracts across multiple customer sites ranging from global to a specific serial number at a particular customer site
  • Supports service “consumption.” For example, a customer can purchase a number of service days up-front and then consume those days as needed. The service fees are then tracked and consumed against the service contract
  • Provides item level service/repair terms and conditions
  • Provides the ability to specify service schedules, track completions and consumption of service schedules, manage customer billing and provide performance reports
  • Provides the ability to generate invoices on a predetermined schedule or as service orders are completed
  • Provides notification to customer of service contract renewal deadlines
  • Provides specification of penalties that result if the performance criteria are not met

Service & Repair Order Features

  • Provides detail of specific work to be performed for customer:
    • item(s) to be repaired
    • customer site(s) requiring service
    • if customer item has been received for repair
    • if customer needs temporary replacement item while repair is performed
  • Identifies the pre-defined performance commitments that must be met to avoid penalties
  • Creates repair order, when applicable, to track costs and activities
  • Tracks all required activities following pre-defined workflow
  • Reports the service/repair order’s current status

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