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E-RMS ERP Integration

Edibar Systems, Inc. (formerly Bar Code Solutions, Inc.) established in 1982, specializes in EDI and error- free advanced shipment notice (ASN) solutions for the automotive industry, including many of the major manufacturers and suppliers. Selected by Honda of America for their Delta project, Edibar Systems provided 250 of Honda’s suppliers with an approved shipping solution in 1996. The company’s chief product, the Edibar – Release Management Software (E-RMS), is a leading shipping control solution for automotive suppliers that satisfies all OEM shipping specifications.

Integrated E-RMS Solutions

E-RMS automatically creates Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) from the original ship schedule, and prints all barcode labels and associated documents necessary to comply with all major automotive OEM manufacturer specifications.

The E-RMS shipping system also tracks orders, automatically flags customer changes and shipment errors, and with its integration to IBM’s GENTRAN Server®, offers a complete communication and translation solution of EDI data.

By seamlessly integrating various GLOVIA G2 ERP modules with the E-RMS shipping solution, the following is possible:

All shipment requirements from automotive manufacturers are passed to either GLOVIA G2 Customer Releasing (via 830 EDI for Forecast and 862 EDI for Customer Release) or GLOVIA G2 Sales Orders module (via 850 EDI for Purchase Order) to create demands in GLOVIA G2 via the Net Change function. The demand data is then used by any of planning mechanisms offered in GLOVIA G2 to create manufacturing schedules.

At the completion of the manufacturing process, GLOVIA G2 passes back inventory information, including the container serial numbers, to E-RMS, which provides visibility of containers that have been completed by the manufacturing process and are ready to be shipped to the OEM manufacturer.This information is also used to print sets of container labels on demand, in order to affix them on the containers that have just been completed in the manufacturing process cycle. The container serial number passed back to E-RMS is used in their shipper module to tie containers to a shipment. This data is eventually used in the advanced shipment notice (856 EDI) transmission to the OEM manufacturer. During the manufacturing completion phase, the GLOVIA G2 user has the option to serial trace parts that are placed in a container. GLOVIA G2 ties the parts to the container serial number generated by GLOVIA G2 when parts are packed in the container. At this point in time, the user will scan the serial numbers of the parts and associate them to the container’s serial number. Since E-RMS associates the container serial numbers with an advanced shipment notice number, it is possible to trace a part that was manufactured using GLOVIA G2 with the ASN number generated by Visual-ARMS.

Once the ASN (856 EDI) is successfully transmitted and accepted by the OEM manufacturer, a Shipment Advice is sent from the E-RMS shipping system to GLOVIA G2, giving GLOVIA G2 visibility of shipped containers. This allows GLOVIA G2 to adjust its inventory and perform the forward-to-bill transaction. Also, GLOVIA G2 associates the advanced shipment notice number sent to the OEM with the containers that have been shipped during the inventory adjustment process. Finally, the availability of GENTRAN Server® as the EDI communication and translation module provides the capability to support any other EDI transactions supported by GLOVIA G2 such as the 810 Invoice EDI, through a single interface.

The E-RMS Process in Action

  • Unattended operations for communication and translation are automated up until GLOVIA G2 EDI, which removes the need for human intervention
  • Ship schedules and forecasting documents are imported into the E-RMS shipping system also without human intervention

Automaker submits an EDI transaction and places an order.

  • Manual and duplicate entry into GLOVIA G2 is eliminated with seamless integration to the GLOVIA G2 EDI interface
  • Cumulative quantities are tracked automatically – with the ability to notify you when they are out of balance in E-RMS
  • Cumulative and discrete quantities are also tracked in GLOVIA G2 with its Net Change functions

EDI shipping schedule is received at the supplier and exported to E-RMS where a shipper is generated.

  • OEM and AIAG approved labels are automatically printed with the data provided by the ship schedule or by manufacturing completion transactions in GLOVIA G2

E-RMS shipping software instantly generates shipping labels.

  • “Smart Labels” reduce the amount of scans per container and ties the label serial number to the data on the label
  • Error checking for part numbers, quantities, serial numbers, and engineering change levels assures that the barcode label information matches the original order
  • Serial trace capability in GLOVIA G2 extends E-RMS smart label functionality to include optional part serial tracing

The filled order is prepped for staging: labels are applied and pallets are created.

  • GLOVIA G2 pick lists generated based on the E-RMS shipper provide exact location of items to be packed
  • The E-RMS shipping system accommodates both master and mixed pallet labels according to your customer requirements
  • E-RMS check and verify process validates the match between your customer order and your shipment
  • Backorders and split shipments are processed automatically

Pallets are scanned to the shipment for verification and ASN generation.

  • Bills of lading, master packing lists, Canadian customs invoices and export (NAFTA) documents are automatically printed
  • Shippers can be combined into one pool bill, reducing paperwork and shipping costs
  • Weights are automatically calculated
  • Automatic creation of your advanced shipment notice from scanned labels eliminates manual entry errors

The OEM order is shipped and pertinent data regarding destination, quantities, etc. are added to the ASN and transmitted to the customer.

  • Pertinent ASN data is passed via E-RMS Ship Advice to GLOVIA G2, which automatically performs the release of inventory, posting of shipments, forward to bill, and invoice creation to eliminate manual entry

The shipment is received at the OEM and the label is scanned for verification and final documentation.

  • OEM production time shortens
  • Product quality and end-customer satisfaction improves


The following EDI transactions are processed by the E-RMS shipping solution and/or passed through to GLOVIA G2:


EDI transactions processed by E-RMS application and GLOVIA G2
  • 830 / DELFOR – Material Release
  • 862 / DELJIT – Ship Schedule
  • 850 / ORDERS – Purchase Order
EDI transactions passed through to GLOVIA G2
  • 810 / INVOC – Invoice
  • 820 / REMAD – Remittance Advice
  • 824 / APRAC – Application Advice
  • 832 / PRICAT – Price Sales Catalog
  • 846 / INVINQ – Inventory Advice
  • 855 / ORDRSP – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 860 / ORDCHG – Purchase Order Change Request
  • 861 / RECADV – Receiving Advice
  • 865 / ORDSP – Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement/Request


EDI transactions processed by E-RMS application and GLOVIA G2
  • 856 / DESADV – Advanced Shipment Notice
EDI transactions passed through to GLOVIA G2
  • 810 / INVOC – Invoice
  • 820 / REMAD – Remittance Advice
  • 824 / APRAC – Application Advice
  • 832 / PRICAT – Price Sales Catalog
  • 846 / INVINQ – Inventory Advice
  • 855 / ORDRSP – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 860 / ORDCHG – Purchase Order Change Request
  • 861 / RECADV – Receiving Advice
  • 865 / ORDSP – Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement/Request

E-RMS OEM Customer List

Edibar Systems provides pre-configured and approved shipping compliance requirements for OEMs including:

  • GM
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Kia
  • Chrysler

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Download the CrescentOne data sheet for more information about the GLOVIA G2 Edibar – Release Management Software (E-RMS).


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