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AP Automation

Automates the process of receiving, processing and matching suppliers’ invoices using GLOVIA G2 Accounts Payable.

Lower costs, Minimize data inaccuracies and Improve AP management

Without any user involvement – Suppliers Invoices that are received as PDF attachments to emails can be digitally transformed to registered and matched ICN’s in GLOVIA G2. This removes many of the mundane tasks, minimizes the chances of mistakes and inaccuracies, and, allows your team to focus on managing suppliers, payments, credits, early payment discounts and invoice authorizations.


Automates the Process

The GLOVIA G2 AP Automation module automates the process of receiving, processing and matching suppliers’ invoices.

  • Suppliers send emails with PDF Invoice attachment(s).
  • The AP Automation capability regularly checks mailboxes and reads only emails with attached PDF’s from known supplier contacts.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies are then used to provide a digital transformation that creates ICN records in the GLOVIA G2 Accounts Payable application based on the content of the received PDF Invoices.
  • Once the ICN is created – The PDF is immediately uploaded to an indexed content repository (i.e. SharePoint, Transform Content Center, etc.), so that it is readily available to view from both within the GLOVIA G2 application and the Content Repository.
  • Optionally, deferred distributions can be automatically created and matching invoked.
  • The solution additionally offers email driven electronic Invoice authorization and dispute capabilities.


Advantages of the GLOVIA G2 AP Automation solution

  • Zero ERP Integration costs – Out of the box, the GLOVIA G2 AP Automation solution is a fully integrated component of the GLOVIA G2 ERP solution.
  • One stop Solution – The GLOVIA G2 AP Automation module is delivered complete (including the OCR technologies that are embedded within the solution), and is supported by CrescentOne INC. experts as part of your Annual Support Contract (ASC).
  • No subscription based charges – The pricing model is consistent with the normal GLOVIA G2 pricing model that is based on the purchase price of the module, number of users and an Annual Support Charge.
  • Out of the box Content Repository integration – Integrates directly with Microsoft SharePoint and Transform Content Center to provide an integrated ERP, Accounts Payable and document storage solution.
  • Paperless Office – Suppliers PDF documents are automatically stored in the content repository based on indexes derived by GLOVIA G2 and the embedded OCR capabilities. This maximizes the content accuracy and provides reliable and immediate access to view the electronic PDF documents via the GLOVIA G2 application and/or the Content Repository.

Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 AP Automation ERP software at your company.


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