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Shop Floor Data Transactions

GLOVIA G2 Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) is designed to provide a real-time, mobile or fixed data collection interface to the GLOVIA G2 extended ERP system. This solution supports radio frequency identification (RFID), radio frequency (RF) and hardwired terminals, laser and thermal barcode printers, fixed mount barcode readers, relays, reader boards and other serial or Ethernet devices. The interface is a Windows product designed to communicate real-time with GLOVIA G2 SFDC Transaction Manager. The power of the product is realized in the flexibility of device types, real-time data access and the ability to handle multiple locations in variable configurations.


  • Delivers unprecedented stability and functionality with a robust Windows-based solution
  • Creates additional GLOVIA G2 ERP system benefits by increasing productivity, reducing errors, cutting inventory costs and improving customer satisfaction
  • Screen and menu options are provided in accordance with end user requirements
  • Provides different screens for different devices, depending on functionality required
  • Allows for choices among multiple RF (mobile, fixed, and vehicle mount) and hardwired devices
  • Keeps real-time validation on employee number, part number, job number, job operation, location, P.O. item number, lot tracking number, shipper line item and quantity on hand
  • Supports a supervisor end-of-day feature that allows employees to clock out quickly
  • Supports lot and serial control

CrescentOne SFDC Connectivity Options

SFDC tends to be a plant-specific implementation with some localization required to suit the working practices of particular plants. The architecture developed to support SFDC makes that localization process simpler.

Transactions Supported

  • Goods received against purchase orders
  • Goods received against supplier releases
  • Location to location transfer
  • Inventory inquiry
  • Labor time entry to a work order
  • Repetitive schedule labor entry
  • Machine time entry to a work order
  • Clock in/out
  • Work order clock on/off
  • Physical inventory count entry
  • Cycle count entry
  • Shipping pack confirm for a customer release
  • Work order completions
  • Repetitive schedule completions
  • Validate sales order picklist
  • Sales order pick confirm
  • Pack and ship confirm for a sales order
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Work order issue by pick list
  • Repetitive schedule pull-ticket issue
  • Assembly scrap
  • Component scrap
  • Operation scrap
  • Material scrap
  • Move to inventory inspection
  • Inspection results
  • Transfer order receipt
  • Batch commit and ship transfer orders
  • Direct material issue
  • Repetitive Schedule direct material issue
  • Direct tool issue
  • Tool return
  • Receive customer returns
  • Master location to master location transfer
  • Supplier returns
  • Change password

Complementary Products

Our partner company for SFDC solutions is able to provide a complete network and hardware installation and consultation.

There is also a range of complementary products available, including:

  • Time and attendance
    • Robust T&A with interface to GLOVIA G2
    • Capacity planning
    • Critical employee information
    • Security and grouping
    • Supervisor over-ride
    • Wired or wireless terminals
    • Bar code badges or smart cards
  • In/out board

For employees who do not need to clock in and out for payroll purposes but whose whereabouts need to be tracked, such as service engineers, consultants, managers, etc., information is fed to an electronic “In/Out” Board, which can be displayed on a standard Windows PC.

Download the CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) at your company.


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