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Increasing customer demands and the continual pressure to accelerate and streamline business processes are pushing the boundaries of traditional ERP and supply chain integration and automation. More and more manufacturers are turning to the Internet as a cost-effective tool to integrate their internal operations as well as to collaborate with their customers and trading partners.

XML has grown to become an open platform for manufacturers to share information internally and with their business partners. XML has become the key to extended ERP as it provides manufacturers with the tools they need to integrate various internal applications—ERP, supply chain and more—as well as extend their reach beyond the “four walls” of the factory to automate information flows and streamline business processes between their customers and suppliers.

GLOVIA G2 XML Framework provides manufacturers with a way to send and receive XML documents and allows the seamless sharing of critical information internally as well as with business partners. XML Framework, in conjunction with middleware, creates collaborative business processes and provides open, standards-based connectivity between GLOVIA G2 and other systems.

GLOVIA G2 XML Framework delivers lasting benefits as it enables manufacturers to:

  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Improve responsiveness and agility
  • Reduce costs by eliminating inefficient manual processes
  • Increase customer service levels
  • Improve information availability and accuracy
  • Compress process cycle-times and reduce information latency
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by optimizing business processes and streamlining workflows
  • Improve communication and relationships with trading partners and customers
  • Automate critical business processes and information flows
  • Decrease excess inventory levels

The Key to Integration and Visibility

CrescentOne leverages XML to provide integration and increase supply chain visibility. XML, as an open technology standard that is independent from proprietary platforms, protocols and languages, is able to achieve these goals. XML is a native, web-based technology that is more flexible and cost-effective than traditional business integration and information sharing technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

GLOVIA G2 XML Framework helps manufacturers create an open, interoperable, and global framework for conducting business by allowing them to link multiple, disparate systems—both internally and externally. XML Framework permits companies to exchange structured data internally or with trading partners in an open, flexible format. XML Framework provides manufacturers with a standard business framework, vocabulary, and protocols for increased supply chain visibility and responsiveness. GLOVIA G2 XML Framework provides:

  • An interface to any application that understands XML
  • Event-driven capabilities
  • Real-time and asynchronous communications
  • Bi-directional transaction and information flows
  • Support of File System and HTTP transports

Inbound Communications

XML Framework supports inbound communications by receiving business data via XML documents and passing the information on to GLOVIA G2 for processing. XML Framework uses multi-threaded socket connections to listen for and process multiple inbound XML documents simultaneously.

XML Framework queues inbound documents it receives for processing and translates XML documents into relational data that can be used by GLOVIA G2.

Outbound Communications

XML Framework also supports outbound communications—it converts relational data into XML documents so information can be sent from GLOVIA G2 to external systems and partners. XML Framework sends XML documents via a polling service, which scans for any new XML documents on a user-defined frequency.

Automated Error Handling

To ensure information accuracy, XML Framework sends a response document back to the external source after all processing has been finished. XML Framework also allows for additional information to be sent along with the overall status of the request. If the XML Framework could not process the request because of errors, it registers the errors and specifies which errors are fatal and which should be sent back to the external source.

Download CrescentOne data sheet for more information about its XML tools for the GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP system.


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