Escalation Manager

Escalation Customer Care Support

CrescentOne Support Offices

United States
CrescentOne Customer Care
200 Continental Blvd, 3rd Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tele: +1 800 223-3799
          +1 310 563-7000
Fax:  +1 310 563-7300
Escalation Manager (EM)
Tele: +1 888 245-6842 x7385
          +1 310 563-7385
The Netherlands
CrescentOne Customer Care
5657 BX Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tele:       +31 (0) 40 2655355
Eindhoven Support Center
Tele:       +31 (0) 40 2655300

Escalate a Case

The Escalation (Emergency) Manager (EM) will assist you with your call or direct your escalated call to the appropriate resource.

When the following conditions occur, you may choose to escalate your case:

  • Your case focus has become extremely urgent (business has stopped – application/function is unusable) and the two-hour initial response time target for a “Critical / High” priority is unacceptable.
  • Otherwise, all non-critical (Medium – Low) priority cases are acknowledged within 2-hours
  • If you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving regarding the case, and you choose to accelerate to another level.
  • If the severity level defines CrescentOne management involvement and additional CrescentOne resources, you may escalate to a higher level.

Escalation Manager of the Day (EM) Telephone Numbers

Phone: (888) 245-6842 x7385 or (310) 563-7385

When the EM answers, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Case number.
  • Your name or the Contact Person for your case.
  • Your telephone number or the number of the Contact Person, if different.

This does not include local area support during scheduled company holidays (published within the Customer Care Guide).