FUJITSU Cloud ERP Software


The first ERP application native to the Now platform.

As one of the largest IT Services companies in the world, Fujitsu has a long history of helping companies accelerate their digital transformation journeys.  FUJITSU Cloud ERP is the first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application built on the ServiceNow Now platform to help organizations streamline operations, deliver personalized customer experiences, and transform their business. Now you can optimize and transform business processes – from sales to fulfillment – with unmatched transparency and efficiency.

This easily configurable solution on the Now Platform is available on an affordable per user subscription basis.  Start using Cloud ERP today and see how it can deliver unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and transparency for your business.

FUJITSU Cloud ERP software enables organization to:

Improve sales execution

  • Increase sales visibility
  • Single sales execution process for all source of demand
  • Accurate, reliable order commitments
  • Shorten sales cycles

Improve fulfillment processes

  • Inventory accuracy with full visibility
  • Flexible single process for managing warehouses and locations
  • Reduce fulfilment cycle time and cost
  • Identify bottlenecks and issues

Get started and transform faster

  • No “rip and replace” or endless custom code
  • Same technology, look and feel as Now Platform
  • Seamless integration with Now Platform and apps
  • Native application to the Now Platform

Start using FUJITSU Cloud ERP software today and transform the way you manage your business. Visit the following sites or contact us at  for more information.

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